Sex Therapy & Sexualities Education Consultation

Megan provides consultation to clinicians in private practice, to clinicians in group practices, or to Community Mental Health organizations. 

Consultation Information

What Is Consultation?

Consultation occurs when clinicians processes clinical cases to obtain specialized treatment feedback and clinical suggestions. Please note, consultation does not not bare the same legal liability or responsibility as Clinical Supervision.

What Can I Consult About? 

Megan will provide consultation to Licensed Mental Health Providers on clinical cases that pertain to Sexual Health, Gender, Sex Therapy, & Sexualities Education.

Megan provides consultation on a variety of clinical issues which include but are not limited to: 

– Sex Therapy

– Sexualities Education 

– LGBTQIAP+ Issues 

– Sex Addiction* 

– Porn Addiction*

– Out of Control Sexual Behavior  

– LGBTQIAP+ Youth 

– Coming Out vs. Inviting In 

– Open Relationships, Non-Monogamy, Polyamory

– Child/Adolescent Sexual Health & Development

– Sexuality and Disabilities 

– Sexual Health 

– BDSM, Kinks, Fetishes, & Variations in Sexual Expression 

– & more   

Where Does The Consultation Take Place?

Consultation sessions can occur online via a secure network. Megan will travel to you for an additional fee based on the location.

Consultation Fees

Individual Consultation: $185 for 50 minutes.

Group Consultation (Limit 3 Consultees): $100 per person for 90 minutes. 

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Learn and Grow

Feel proud and accomplished! You will be providing a wonderful opportunity for growth and development.

Consultation Provides Clinicians:

Practice with Case Conceptualizations

Ability to Process Values & Morals Which Impact Clinical Work

Valuable Resources

Professional Development

Accurate and Comprehensive Psychoeducation

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